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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 25, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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looking at life after the surgery and holiday shopping rush the tellers are promising big deals to get shoppers in the doors. the news starts now >> wgn news @ 9 tonight remembering chicago long time first lady the official plan for a fond farewell good evening. top story or around the country tonight. prominent people will attend maggie daley funeral but also open to the public. old st. pats >> the mass will be on monday
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morning here at 1030 a m and a public wake on sunday from noon until 10:00 p.m. chicago cultural center. we have not heard from daley family so far but heard from several maggie daley closest friends including some with her at the end. >> thank god for maggie daley all that you saw publicly she was that and more probably >> those who knew maggie daley best described her as a loving wife and mother and what a friend who cared deeply for the people of chicago especially the children. city hall placed over lists all street entrance inside the lobby of city hall messages in a journal for the daley family. family pastor says of corporate she died on thanksgiving day >> to know maggie daley was to be invited into her life and to experience the matter who you were she wanted you to feel part of the family others recalled how she cared about making the
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city of chicago beautiful how chic influenced her husband >> listening to the passion the respect talking about making a park followed by the commitment to make millennium park. something that would be that we would all be proud of here in chicago >> france emphasized passions for helping chicagos youth especially teenagers >> used her life to give teenagers employes and to have them recognized that the legacy will live on in part through the organization after school matters out in the hands of mayor daley's former chief of staff she made it very clear how important the organization is to the city and the daley family. >> trust me she never lost her passion her commitment to the teenagers of the city. she remained extremely committed an extremely passionate. up until the very end. >> public wake sunday. chicago
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cultural center from noon until 10:00 at a public funeral mass scheduled monday morning old st. pats starting at 10:30 p.m. we are told president obama and first lady michelle obama might attend. meanwhile, mayor rahm emmanuel planning official day of remembrance for maggie daley. >> also remembering maggie daley today one of the medical specialists who treated her and a close friend and confidant of daley family is well known pastor that part of coverage >> metastatic breast cancer may have been because of maggie daley death but it was a reality she lived with gracefully for almost a decade surpassing the odds never forgetting those who did not fare as well. >> maggie daley would want us to remember the terrible disease touches families all over the world. >> survival for the disease
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currently only three years but maggie daley longevity serves as inspiration. undoubtedly be beneficial rate of a newly targeted breast cancer therapy doctors still called the case remarkable. >> good news we have good therapy right now so when we talk about breast cancer we actually considered a crime or disease most women that have breast cancer survive at all lot of women who end up dying of breast cancer can survive for many years >> northwestern memorial hospital. maggie daley received her treatments and center for women's cancer care now stands in her honor >> seeing her in clinic all other patients inspired >> smile never publicly stated on crutches or in wheelchair 2009 underwent biopsy of legion in her spine and one year later surgeons inserted a foot long titanium rods in her leg to support the bonds weakened as a result of radiation. >> patients are looking at the
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story and to do better because of her. >> inspiring legacy in the face of diversity even as she died thanksgiving evening in a city lucky to have had her so long. >> it very special feeling could not have to call anybody up you are all with your family on this day all together as a city surrounding the people we love the most. sharing this moment to get there >> daley family has asked all memorial donations be directed to the maggie daley center for women's cancer care northwestern memorial hospital or to afterschool matters. >> meanwhile tonight reverend jesse jackson praising maggie daley work for young people of chicago especially remembering ability to move graciously in all circles >> something about her that transcended politics of our
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time. and she moved weather and the black community latino community white community through all of these areas with grace and dignity jackson went on to say that her spirit was infectious. lived in the bridgeport neighborhood where former mayor daley was born grew up and when neighbors have great things to say today about maggie daley. and the family. >> no problems no problem whatsoever. they moved away but they were here for 18 years everything was great they were very good neighbors no problems. i feel sorry for the family. >> so many good things about them. everybody loved her. sorry to hear >> francis cardinal george releasing the statement tonight
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mrs. dailey but lived for her husband and children and in her graceful way punch to the lives of many in chicago. >> share your thoughts and offer your wishes to the daley family on their website. anton facebook. or we will be right back.
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wgn news @ 9 area one detectives questioning the mother of a four year old at her boyfriend after child found beaten to death. call from a family member or around 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. 5100 block south trumbull avenue the boy appeared to have been dead for several hours when officers got to the location just turned four years old today preliminary reports points to blunt force trauma possibly from being punched. subject in custody tonight parking building shooting uic medical center 40 year-old angela bonds at the scene multiple gunshot wounds the suspect police believed ex- boyfriend spotted this morning during a traffic stop. investigators say he jumped out
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of the car and ran when police approached. officer caught the man a few blocks away. suspect held right now but so far not charged. call to play all of the tapes it goes on, rod blagojevich wants to play more fbi wiretapping recordings at his sentencing last month next month. striving for a lighter sentence. take sublette that his job would show the intent. convicted of corruption for a pay to play scheme and attempts to sell the old senate seat of president obama. holiday shopping on the minds of people four days. old orchard mall in skokie crowded parking lots along the lines >> they are optimistic this year retailers they say the midnight or the morning store openings may have made for a good black friday say that already sales were a vigorous at
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least at the brick and mortar bubble. none of the hard numbers are out yet but online data is coming in right now ibm is reporting on line black from the sales are up 20 percent. from last year. >> this is insane but then again black friday not surprised >> elbow to elbow or lend a square mall yesterday and today slowing down for a peek at this, of all things a couple getting married at the mall. started here six months ago >> normally i never go to shopping malls especially on black friday busiest shopping day of the year but for some reason something made me come to that mall that day >> their eyes locked and he asked her out the rest is history >> i suggested let us do that on
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black friday per did we had this crazy idea and here we are >> matrimony hardly the order of the day for the shoppers last night at toys r us black friday deal started thanksgiving evening hundreds lined up falling turkey dinner >> dinner started early we ate food and see you later got to go >> it feels good just to get out >> best buy it did marker the deal so enticing people pitched tents skipping thanksgiving all together to be first through the doors at midnight. >> danks given i can do that tomorrow. >> appalling for some sigh of relief for others at old maybe you could shop on thanksgiving day >> is its stores that made it clear? the real difference sales are starting sooner than ever >> depends on the shop retailers are simply responding to the needs of when they want to shop >> who knows who started this
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retailers making thanksgiving international shopping day or whether it is the customers who want to get their shopping done at are just in a frenzy to get the best deals. >> now there is another factor that may have helped with healthy sales at least that chicago talking about the whether it was sunny and warmer than usual coupled with more marketing this year as we said store openings and keep in mind told more items in the shop online in the middle price range economic times right now all of this hopefully recipe for a healthy start to the shopping season. back to you >> update to a story several months ago a woman who dropped a lot of weight to give her brother the gift of life. and the amazing holiday production that comes with a physical price. how the cast of the nutcracker keeps moving through
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the pain.
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tempur-pedic, the most highly recommended bed in america. call the number on your screen. wgn news @ 9 story we first shared with you back in september crest what woman lost more than 100 lbs. to donate a kidney to her brother. surgeries are done and the family says they have so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving weekend. for cover story >> grateful for my family of course. add to spend time with them. so thankful to have my husband back. to be able to do
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the things he loves to do and doing things as a family again. >> thankful for the health of my children looking open them and taking care of them. >> a family dinner. for a family that has been through so much. when i first started. in a little bit nervous. would not be able to lose the weight. but once i started tuesday but i knew i could do it >> dropped 135 lbs. over two years. aren't how to make exercise a part of her routine. >> a new low for running and walking that i never thought i would ever have. >> at her mother learned how to cook healthy or low-fat meals >> it has been good for all bus >> motivation simple, saving her brother's life. diagnosed with disease needed a kidney
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transplant she knew she had to lose weight to even be considered a potential donor and once she dropped the pounds she proved to be the rare perfect match. surgeries are readily scheduled for september were postponed after tony developed an infection but a month later finally happened caper brother a kidney with no complications. and now more than a month after surgery doctors say tony could not be doing any better felt a little bit better every day but even when i woke up from surgery. i felt different inside i could just feel felt better. >> on this day family gathering somebody is missing. chester died about the same time tony was battling his illness. the
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family believes it was just their guiding the family throop. >> we can feel his presence. once word got out about remarkable weight loss journey and the beason. news outlets started calling. siblings even traveling to new york to share their stories. they wanted to inspire others to become organ donors and get healthy. >> have started to change my eating habits. and i hope to you know to what she did some dead >> says she is proud of herself. and her brother. they saved each other's lives and that she says is what family is all about. >> amazing guy. and really great brother and uncle and father now. he deserves. he deserves
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it. >> she says i am so amazing but really what she did blows me away. i do not know how to ever think her for what she did for me but i owe her the world. she gave me my life back. made me look at things a lot differently than i did before. i just feel very lucky. and relief thankful. >> still goes for weekly checkups but doctors expect sister's kidney to last them a very long time. as for carry it lifetime commitment especially with one kidney, she will have to live a healthy lifestyle. tells us she plans to enjoy all of the holiday food but instead of loading up her plate. she will watch her portions. >> remarkable great story. it is a holiday tradition. the production of the nutcracker. all of the performances can certainly take a toll on the
9:22 pm
cast how they are able to cope with the pan tonight's medical watch and bob newhart who does not love bob newhart? a stroll down memory lane and look at his local ties and why he is one of chicago's barry on. coming up. very own. coming up.
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tonight's medical watch holiday favorite hundreds of hours of rehearsal and 20 performances of the nutcracker take a toll. take the price of the dancers keeping them healthy and production in pain control and perseverance. on stage is perfection. pure art but getting here is a painful process. positions are not natural so of course we will feel pain. taking your legs up
9:25 pm
every day something will hurt >> 42 members of the joffrey ballet company b. hurst five days a week up to eight hours a day. but it is these movements that keep them moving. >> certain muscles in my back are weak and others over power that is what causes the problem down but not the only concern >> bones and my foot get loose and i need to be a just physical therapist due to adjustments to help things quite properly so that we work through the muscles and our bones and the proper way not to pull ligament or tendons or strained muscles >> puck away not far from the studio physical therapist choreographed a careful watch over the dancers aches and pains >> they always surprised me finding unique ways to be injured >> ankle sprains low back strains and tendinitis in the feet and its common elements.
9:26 pm
>> constantly taking care of them making sure does not become a fallout injury that takes them out of dancing >> routine starts here practice studio technique is scrutinized for safety >> off in an interview results in poor technique or can cause poor technique and correcting the injury and the weakness in correcting the technique go hand in hand >> more shoulder more neck injuries because of the higher amounts of left lifting that they perform with the women on their toes, we might see more of a lower foot-amid a flood toe injuries. stress fractures >> all dancers paint as an occupational hazard in the art form and just like the master the most complicated choreography the dancers have learned the art of lifting the art of listening, constant self about tuition process every day before class stretching
9:27 pm
exercise and how does this bill today? >> asking himself since last spring after experiencing my minor case of tendinitis >> not something that gets fixed quickly takes a lot of time physical therapy have to be careful with that taking time off in my summer >> now he is back playing 14 different roles and the production >> realizing help but they can push themselves >> 42 years old battery is still pushing herself to the practices and the pain for the pure joy of performing >> something that we do we love doing this and the pain as pot is part of the process we are presenting something beautiful and whenever we what ever we need to do to make that happen is obviously a healthy way to create beautiful art >> amazing what they put their
9:28 pm
bodies through. amazing weather also. hopper 50s in the middle of november a gorgeous way to start the weekend but tom skilling says kind of all downhill from here. rainfall possibly snowfall forecast is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer
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. fuld night to tom skilling >> 930 at night and only five degrees from 60 degrees right now that is amazing some spot in the area got above 60 degrees today not officially unfortunately but better than us today look at this such a beautiful shot. a shot of a cardinal superimposed sent this one of lawn and autumn right there thought that was pretty cool not only are beautiful in chicago but kansas city this shot of the christmas lights and kansas city missouri here we are into the eighth consecutive day above normal more than 24 days this month have been above normal and mild november around here. going to stay that way another day in the '50s tomorrow temperatures will drop
9:32 pm
searches of cool air next week nothing barbaric but closer to normal for the end of november these are the clouds to connect a storm system moves and our direction pretty evident from the satellite imagery bread that is all series of these systems each one across the country cold air touching down but the one coming at us tonight southerly wind blowing in the one sector and in the '50s showing you those readings and of little bit of a broader scale you can see mild weather turning into rainfall tomorrow but by late tomorrow night a first search of cooler air can bring snow flakes with costs of 36 mi. per hour to day old and be at the highest costs are around the area at 32 degrees officially. 57 degrees the high temperature today 55 degrees. and the cold air is still back quite a distance coming together in the plains
9:33 pm
where the real cold weather is forecasters anchorage alaska at the half at 31 in. of snow fall three times normal. within the cold air mass which has been about the only place on the continent northern canada and back into alaska that has been cold. pretty stunning. 11 degrees warmer than last night at this time. at that temperature starting to drop that will drop straw a north wind increases to the west. cool air on sunday still a good 24 hours away. wind is south- southwest at 15 mi. per hour and humidity 64% the two. creeping higher. chicago glenview crystal lake all over 30 mi. per hour. temperatures at this hour or 55 degrees at o'hare airport 12
9:34 pm
degrees above the normal high temperature this time of year despite the late hour. the view from harvard high clouds shrouded filtering the sunlight as time went on today. whats up advisories for high wind nor the wind roaring into the area tomorrow colder air with that hettick and our direction not here right away. warm southerly wind gusting over 30 mi. per hour on the east side of the storm. look at this with the pocket on the backside costs up to 50 mi. per hour. cold air crashes to the gulf coast fast- moving air plows into the snow will bank much air in lifting the that they're making for rainfall tomorrow pretty good rainfall. midnight tonight partly cloudy. we start the day tomorrow with peaks of some light quickly the clouds filling in by 1030 in the morning rain
9:35 pm
fall back doorstep rating at midday tuesday after dead, yellows oranges imbedded indicating connected cells have your taller grade producing clouds. getting respectable amount of rainfall. after their dollars tomorrow particularly awkward the brand fall well to the last we thought we would go head to kansas and show you the three debenture the structure. pretty good moist moisture supply available that is why it will remain pretty good tomorrow interesting just collect not to mix a couple of snow flakes late tomorrow night and sunday interesting that we have not had measurable snow only something like 31 of the past hundred 27 years around here a quarter of them have not had a measurable
9:36 pm
snow rare medium logical territory in that regard clouds continue to thicken tonight light showers may be 20 percent of the area by morning. temperatures 40-50 south wed. tomorrow rainfall. it will be wed dei high temperature 55 degrees at tomorrow night rainfall more occasional short mixing with snowflakes late tomorrow night fell to 34 degrees. much colder blustery like to smell rainshowers in the morning. high-temperature only 40 degrees. temperature more typical this time of year. what make up for a day. still ahead the legend talks with dean richards about hometown chicago
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one of chicago is v's very own
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came back to chicago for a visit and award the world knows the chicago comedian bob newhart dean richards looks back at chicago visits >> old home week for bob newhart performing for sold-out crowd chicago theater >> you cannot imagine what it is like walking out on stage. this is like a big dream >> fellow chicago committee and had never met bob newhart >> unbelievable bob newhart >> bob newhart came to chicago for three days of nonstop adoration interviewed by students at loyola where he earned an accounting degree and attended law school. entire student body went wild most famous alum joined them at their homecoming rally >> on a to help celebrate mr. bob newhart today >> followed oprah winfrey into
9:41 pm
illinois broadcasters hall of fame >> comedic genius he really is >> best known for his hit sitcoms in the '70s and '80s born in the late 50s at the very first chicago emmy awards told a few jokes and with the help of top television anchormen and radio friends he landed it warner brothers deal for a comedy album his first attempt at recording before a live audience felt >> a drunk woman in the front row and she says that is a bunch of crap. that's a bunch of crap. she said that all the way through she was clearer than i was >> the button-down mind of bob newhart successfully recorded the next night and instantly number one in the billboard charts won grammys best new artist and album of the year.
9:42 pm
>> you usually spent 10-20 years in the trenches did not have the opportunity, all of us saw that it was how many sullivan shows you what to do? >> much of the material west side routes many of his jobs before showbiz >> once worked for illinois state unemployment compensation board. $60 a week and the claim at that time the plant it's got 55. and it only had to come in one day a week. >> most famous bits and bought one cited phone conversations standing the test of time like this call between abraham lincoln and a public-relations executive >> change fourscore and seven to 87. it is meant to be a grabber. we test the market and that and they flipped over it. >> world famous driving
9:43 pm
instructor >> i did not need to shout at you. just a cement truck. >> and of course the submarine commander pam but some of you know these routines by heart but it throws me off to watch your lips move along with mine. >> hysterical and he makes ordinary things seen a very funny >> great to get back to chicago >> 50 years later the debts are still getting big laughs and he has not forgotten the friends from the austin neighborhood >> same corner everybody in the city has a corner at our corner was austin and madison >> same guy today as it was then just a wonderful guy also inspiring today's top comedians it may not be jeff garlan today if not for bob newhart batt but years ago having trouble with
9:44 pm
my act and audiences at the thought about quitting and he said if you are funny you have a responsibility to perform to make people laugh and i did not quit because of that >> kept his head on straight not easy to do >> hoping people will always remember bob newhart >> on the b-2 stealth thought i would like to have that is the way you do it. >> dean richards and bob newhart what a great interview getting jealous. having a lot of fun. more signs of the holiday season. and a wild comeback for the blackhawks are tear wgn news @ 9 did you miss that? we have the highlights later in sports. [ woman ] day party idea pillsbury crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels
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green is the color for the holiday season 150 lb in place until january 26th chandler har >> tom skilling >> certainly we saw colder than that and i smiled month the vast majority of days above normal and look at these temperatures. 43 degrees is the normal high temperature is 55 degrees at this hour. cold air is public into the west on a strong wind but the really cool stuff is up their way to the north. the fact we are going to have warmth and moisture means as the storm approaches wind shift this squeezing good moisture out of these clouds look at this forecast by 5:00 tomorrow evening steady rainfall embedded have yourselves midnight tomorrow night and then by sunday capering down to sprinkles or snow flakes. not
9:49 pm
going to be a big deal will not stick or cause trouble problems but it will feel more like a bad turf during sunday a spike into the 40's on monday temperatures overnight 8:00 a.m. tomorrow starting in the '50s the day in the 50s well above normal. tomorrow night the temperatures will tank. a couple of snow flakes. only going to the 40's during the day on sunday the seven day forecast. the cool air will hit in waves 1 backsaw in the sunshine on monday another cool northern wind flow, said on tuesday tops temperatures under mostly cloudy sky temperatures spiking up on wednesday and the next truck of cool air thursday and friday warming next weekend another truck after that the following week. if we keep getting a warm spell in waves like this kind of nice. it is
9:50 pm
barbaric >> when that stuff up in the arctic does not happen we do not get cold >> have a great weekend tom skilling. holiday hoops in full effect northwestern trying to keep strong starts rolling at championships up for grabs now through this monday only get the pantech breakout for $49.99 the free lg enlighten, or a free xperia play by sony ericsson. the smartphones are ready, the tablets
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by cox in a nail biter right here on wgn that had a scare. then came back all the way after two periods and anaheim the scenario was bleak down a four- to appear about to lose fourth came in a row but the scenario and rapid transformation. back in action after missing four games but it was jonathan toews and patrick sharp the way back, after a turnover patrick sharp game tied at 4 but after a face- off jonathan toews shot again patrick sharp bagging the hat trick to hide-4 blackhawks chicago bears fan celebration southern california more
9:54 pm
firepower, rebound duncan keith hawks led 6-4 02-3 on the long circus road trip. >> it was a fund. credit to the team for sticking with us five good periods we played not be awarded the score we liked able to get a win and we did that could teams did not change the way they play weather for-0 or anything but a big win for us coming up huge for depaul university brandon young impressive win over texas tech and jeremiah kelly getting the demons a three-point lead in the second half and then up by seven points the final nail in the coffin depaul university wins 76-70. northwestern back try to stay unbeaten but not exactly what they expected john shurna of a stony getting the ball
9:55 pm
inside right here a big lead in the game and in the and caught them by to the letter circle john shurna had 20 points they are now 5-0 and. caleb tim abromaitis notre dame for the season with a torn achilles and dj moore full for sunday's game for the chicago bears and hester ebel and things would be easier caleb hanie in the game at the ground game can get back on track matt forte under 100 yards in last two games after 145 133 at some adjustments and they have tried to shut down outside tackle area succeeding put the most part against matt forte. >> be outside running game has
9:56 pm
been great trying to gear up to stop that we have to get them straight ahead run against old school type of football smash mouth football hit them with that and hopefully lead action will open up that game for us >> chandler harnisch got a scare from eastern michigan husky stadium able to hang not for the victory. 68 yds for touchdowns 18-12 huskies' victory now against ohio university next week 9-3. top-ranked lsu passed in a big test against third ranked arkansas down 13 points and then rallied to. 48 yds tigers remain upbeat that the final score 41-17 and frank lenti team in gear for the prep bowl at soldier field leading the way 35 yd run the russian port 233 yds. brad entiat and
9:57 pm
scores easily 34-20 over simeon former nfl star don beebe title game. complete control pass from anthony maddy to noah roberts 49 yds for touchdowns aurora christian wins this 34-7 another high school champion rochester victorious. at dakota wraps up 1a.l >> that is the news tonight thank you for watching. have a great weekend.
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music track ♪ [splash] ♪ [drill sargeant] attention [boots hitting floor] [bells ringing] ♪ lean on me ... when you are not strong ♪ [helicopter propeller] the coast guard foundation gave me funds to attend school. during that same time, my wife was pregnant. the foundation's grant allowed us to buy food, diapers, clothing. [helicopter propeller] coast guard foundation really helps us to keep in touch with our families. they make an impact and it leaves an impression that you don't forget. i would like to thank the coast guard foundation for helping out when times were tough. [helicopter propeller] [male announcer] because sometimes, even the rescuers need to be rescued. the coast guard foundation. proudly supporting the men and women of the united states coast g


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